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Adam as a Past Life of Jesus Christ

10. Similar Pedigree: a€?Beginning and Enda€?

Both Adam and Jesus comprise at the outset of generation:

ADAM: a€?But at the beginning of design God a€?made them male and female.’a€? (Mark 10:6)JESUS: a€?i’m the leader and the Omega, inception in addition to the conclusion.a€? (Revelation 21:6)

11. Identical Label: Logo Designs

Adam would be the a€?Logosa€?:

ADAM: the word a€?Bar Nashaa€? or a€?Son of Mana€? is the a€?divine person kind,a€? the a€?Logos,a€? the everlasting a€?image of God.a€? (Origin: John Rossner, on the lookout for the Primordial Tradition as well Cosmic Christ, p.189)

Jesus is the a€?Logosa€?:

JESUS: a€?At the beginning am the Word (logo), and also the Word am with goodness, plus the term was goodness. He was with Lord in the beginning.a€? (John 1:1-2)

12. Same Disposition: Image of Goodness

Adam and Jesus were the a€?imagea€? of Lord:

ADAM: a€?Then goodness explained, a€?Let all of us render guy in picture, within likeness.a€? (Genesis 1:26)JESUS: a€?The lord with this young age have dazzled the thoughts of unbelievers, to make sure they cannot see the light of this gospel that displays the fame of Christ, that’s the look of goodness.a€? (2 Corinthians 4:4)

13. The same Sacrificial Lead: Principal and Previous Sacrifice

The initial give up created am for bodily requirements:

ADAM: a€?The Lord God-made outfits of facial skin for Adam along with his wife and clothed these people.a€? (Origin 3:21)

The past give up got for spiritual requires:

JESUS: a€?they forfeited with regards to their sins once for many when he provided himself.a€? (Hebrews 7:27-28)

14. Same Connections: Woods of Lifetime

At the start, Adam met with the shrub of Life:

ADAM: a€?in the backyard happened to be the shrub of daily life in addition to the woods of familiarity with close and evil.a€? (Generation 2:9)

Adama€™s transgression banished humanity from pine of living:

ADAM: a€?So the father Jesus banished him or her from back garden of Eden to the office the ground where he’d been taken. After this individual drove the person on, the man positioned on the east region of the outdoor of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword blinking backwards and forwards to protect the best way to the forest of lifetime.a€? (Genesis 3:22-24)

Jesusa€™ lose for transgression revived humankind within the forest of lives:

JESUS: a€?To your who overpower, I will required right to take in from your pine of being, that is certainly into the paradise of God.a€? (disclosure 2:7)JESUS: a€?Then the angel proved me personally the ocean of this drinking water of lifetime, as apparent as crystal, flowing from your throne of Jesus and of the meat over the heart of this good neighborhood on the urban area. On every region of the river stood the shrub of daily life, holding twelve crops of berries, producing the fruits month after month. As well as the allow of the forest are for recovering of places. Not any longer maybe there is any curse. The throne of Lord as well as the Lamb are typically the city, and the servants will provide him.a€? (Insight 22:1-3)

15. Matching in Near-Death activities: a€?Being of Lighta€?

From inside the Jewish Kabbalah, Adam seems to someone after right after death:

ADAM: a€?So it’s that whenever men is about to leave from lifetime, Adam, the best husband, appears to him and requires him or her why plus in exactly what county the man leaves the earth. He states: a€?Woe to you that through an individual I’ve got to die.a€™ To which Adam responds, a€?My kid, we transgressed one commandment and was actually disciplined for hence doing; observe how several commandments of your learn, positive and negative, you may have transgressed.’a€? (Jewish Kabbalistic ebook Zohar we, 57b)

During a particular Jewish womana€™s NDE, Rene Turner, the Messiah did actually the girl immediately after the passing:

MESSIAH: a€?I was aware i need to become lifeless a€¦ we arrived in a blast of glorious light into a place with insubstantial rooms, record before men about as part of his thirties, about six feet upright, reddish-brown neck length hair and an exceptionally cool, brief beard and mustache. This individual wore a basic light robe. Illumination seemed to emanate from him or her so I seen he’d great get older and wisdom. They appreciated me personally with close appreciate, tranquility, and silence (indescribable) a€“ no text. We felt, a€?i will sit at your feet permanently and be satisfied,a€™ which smitten myself as an unusual factor to think/say/feel. I was interested in the textile of their robe, racking your brains on exactly how lamp may be woven!a€? a€“ Rene Turner, a Jewish girl, exactly who she met the Messiah during the woman death experiences.

Jesus furthermore appears to consumers during NDEs:

JESUS: a€?we sensed a terrific feelings clean over myself a€“ a sense of tranquility and electrical. We seen like and a sense of ponder since I knew that any issue I was able to assembled is addressed. There had been Jesus. I happened to be surprised and believed, a€?I dona€™t rely on you.a€™ He or she smiled and believed the etheric same in principle as a€?Tough crap, here really.a€™ Taking a look at his eye https://images01.equippo.com/products/351981/show/20200701_170152.jpg?1593706146, I asked, a€?You imply, youra€™ve recently been beside me an entire some time and used to dona€™t determine?a€™ And the response was actually, a€?Lo, extremely with thee, constantly, actually as well as the end of the industry.’a€? a€“ Jeanie Dicus, a Jewish lady, found Jesus during this model near-death experiences and Jesus asked the if she planned to reincarnate.

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